Corny Swimming Puns, Sayings and Cliches

Swimming Puns and ClichesWith Michael Phelps re-entering the competitive swimming world, it has also brought in the world’s media to cover it. For media outlets that don’t regularly cover swimming, this creates an irresistible temptation to use swimming puns, clichés, sayings and colloquialisms.

Swimming, followed by possibly boxing or football, seems to have the most of these sayings. Pound-for-pound of course. These water-based sayings are more a part of our daily culture than we realize, especially when headline writers get a crack at it.

Some personal favorites:

• Dive in
• Watershed moment
• Get your feet wet
• Dip your toe in
• Make a splash
• Test the water
• Make waves
• Swimmingly
• Getting soaked on a deal
• Ride the wave
• Treading water
• Swimming with the sharks
• Reach for the wall
• Just add water
• Streamline a project
• Drowning in red tape
• In over my head
• Left in his/her wake
• Sink or swim
• Swim upstream
• Swim in molasses

Michael Phelps ComebackLet’s hope the Phelps comeback continues strong as well as the corny headlines.

Special thanks to Twitter submissions from: @AuntKim328, @tonyjbrony, @TrentAnderson16, @COSDawg85, @jeffswims


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