A Tradition of Ineptitude: My Failed Attempts to Get a Picture of Santa

Updated in 2014 and 2015 from an original Christmas 2013 post.


Matt Farrell Christmas Blunder

NOTE: Below is a December 2014 update to a blog originally posted in December 2013.

When it comes to getting a photo of Santa Claus, I am the “Eddie the Eagle” and Charlie Brown of photographers. My two daughters (14 and 10 in 2013) are completely embarrassed about my photographic ineptitude, among many other things of course. Each Christmas morning I face the forced march of telling the humiliating story of how I failed to get a picture of Santa once again.Below is part confession and part diary of my failed attempts to get a picture of Santa Claus for my kids. What started out as self-amusement on Christmas Eve 2005, has now become a Farrell household tradition of failure entering its ninth year.

Matt Farrell Santa Pic - 20052005: My first attempt at the pic of Santa Claus. So close. Literally. But close only counts in horseshoes, but not reindeer.

Matt Farrell Santa Pic - 2006

2006: This was the first year of the elaborate, James…

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