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  1. I’m looking forward to finding out why spammers are sending us messages that aren’t legitimate but annoyingly sound legitimate, I’m going guess that they are messing with our spam filters and spam tolerance.

    Here’s how it could go if we add these messages to our spam filters: since they are real words and purposes there’s nothing for our filter software to really lock on to, our filter lists either get huge/expensive to process or they slip and let more spam through. The spammers win.

    Alternatively, we could just delete it. But we have to think hard if it was legitimate first.. The spammers win.

    Finally, we could reply and ask what they mean, oh I think they would love that because, it’s my guess that us doing so would add credibility to them as a sender (the spam servers would be less likely to filter their other messages) and they could send us worse spam in the future.. Plus, they could try to con us with more of the store that their first message was the first chapter of.. The spammers win BIG..

    Anyway, I think it’s safest to just delete message that are seriously misdirected as a modern day version of the rule “let the buyer beware … that if you send weird off-subject questions to email addresses that have a purpose (dealing in a specific subject matter), they’ll just be deleted with no reply”.


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