#SwimTrends: The Best of the Olympics in Social, Media and Online

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Over the next eight days, we will be looking at the daily trends from social media, marketing and the Internet from the Olympic Games in Rio. Topics will be all things outside the pool and range from how companies support Olympians to great Olympic commercials to Ryan Lochte’s hair.

Below are a few things to expect in the coming days:

–          Best Olympic commercials (Spoiler Alert: the best one is actually for the Paralympic Games so far!)

–          Interesting promotions USA Swimming teams are running locally

–          What is Rule 40, and why should we care about it?

–          Olympian sightings from around the globe

–          Observations on NBC’s coverage of the Games (Hint: It’s the #MobileOlympics more than ever)

–          Examples of great tweets and gifs

–          What athletes are wearing in and out of the pool

–          Trends for the future of the sport of swimming

–          And anything else that catches my eye or I find entertaining!


Use the #SwimTrends hashtag and be a Swim Trend Spotter yourself and let me know what you think is trending outside the pool.

The first edition starts Saturday, Aug. 6.

Matt Farrell is the Chief Marketing Officer of USA Swimming. Follow on Twitter at @MattFarrell_ and share your trends with the #SwimTrends hashtag.




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